About the Symposium

About the Symposium


Amasya University and Turkish World Journalists Federation will hold an international symposium on -17 Turkish World Press Symposium, in Amasya between 14-15-16-17 March 2019. Gumushane University, TRNC Near East University, Azerbaijan, Baku State University, Kazakhstan Al Farabi University, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, while Uzbekistan Tashkent State Civilization and University of Art and Macedonia Fund Universities will be partners in the organization.

Communication as a process of acquiring information about people's close and distant environments has always changed and transformed in the historical process since the first ages when people began to live together. This change and transformation process, which is determined by facilities and needs, has also taken place in the context of the relationship between trade, economy, politics and hence power. On the other hand, the content of the communication process has been differentiated due to the change of actors and scope, and the communication itself has been the instrument of the change and transformation of social life.

Nowadays, it is necessary to read the communication which pushes the limits of human thought and eliminates the time and space conceptions, together with the limited number of countries which hold the internationalization of capital and information and communication technologies. Western countries, which can use their economic power in the process of communication, and even in the process of determining the content of communication, can control social life not only within their own country but internationally. As a result of this control, there is a one-way communication between developed countries and relatively underdeveloped countries. This unbalanced and unidirectional flow through news agencies, which by its very nature can potentially prevent two-way information flow to its users, and the Internet that accelerates access to news incomparably more than in traditional media, can be said. Because the power that dominates communication technologies and thus international communication are Western states. Other states around the world are users of the progressive process of oversight and control of these countries. In the monopoly of Western countries, this process that pushes the mental and even actual limits of the nation-state is a problem area for relatively underdeveloped countries.

Despite the internationalization of communication, the communication process that brings together individuals from different geographies on common platforms in the context of interaction and prevalence cannot be considered independent of the internal dynamics of societies.

In the light of all these, while the common cultural values, historical, economic, political and social development processes are quite different from each other in the "Turkish world" from the beginning to the present state of the press is a topic worthy of scrutiny. Because it is possible to say that the countries considered under the definition of Turkish world have very different dynamics. These differences, efforts to become a nation-state are the elements that provide input to the economy and the level of prosperity, geographic boundaries and geopolitics. The accompanying process is the emergence and development of (local and national) press. As a non-Western world, and more importantly, it is important to understand the internal dynamics of these regions that affect communication as the geographic locations where the printing press first appeared. The symposium addressed the geography, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Autonomous Republic of Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Relative Communities . The emergence, development and social life of the Turkish world will be discussed with an international symposium before and after the Soviet Union.

Turkish World Press Symposium; The Turkish world is intended to address all aspects of the press, including countries and local. Therefore, a symposium will serve the purpose of a symposium where Turkish communities with historical, cultural partnerships will talk about the past, present and future of the press together. The emergence of printing, the emergence of the press and its development in the Turkish world; emergence of periodicals; the place and importance of press in modernization processes; The important figures forgotten in Turkish geography; Many topics such as the current situation and future of the press will be discussed in detail in this symposium. The symposium will be held between 14-15-16-17 March 2019 in Amasya.

Abstracts of the papers accepted in the symposium will be published in the symposium summary book. In addition, if the full texts approved by our Science Board are deemed appropriate at the end of the referee process, the Electronic Journal of the Faculty of Communication of Gümüşhane University (e-Gifder) as the Special Number of the Symposium; Proceedings of the Symposium which is not included in the special issue of the journal will be published in the e-book Full Text Book.

The language of the symposium is Turkish, Russian and English.